"What's the most recommended album in the rec.music.newage newsgroup?"


Almost from the beginning of the existence of this newsgroup up to the end of 1994 Behr (behr@cwi.nl) has kept track of all the albums recommended by somebody in r.m.n. which resulted in a list of more than 1900 albums.

There are several versions of this list: one sorted on number of times recommended (ranging between 1 time and 58 times), and one list sorted alphabetically on artist.

This list is in particular helpful if you want to know the most recommended album of let's say Vangelis, or Harold Budd, or Kitaro, or ...

An extra version of the list is present in which many entries contain some short remarks, cut and pasted from the news items.

The lists are present via anonymous ftp at:


And just to show how diverse the listening is at r.m.n, here are the results of a short survey I conducted a little while back ...


The following is a list of albums recommended by their number of entries in 47 "Top Tens" posted by rec.music.newage readers during August '94 (a total of 267different albums). However, this is not a definitive list as we fickle listeners tend to change our top tens depending on mood, weather and time of day (and being two years old is missing some worthy recent releases).

As a bonus I've also listed the artists in order of popularity, again based on their number of entries, as well as a list of recommended sampler albums.

"Top Ten" Recommended Albums

	3 recommendations
		Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon
		Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields
		Klaus Schulze - Timewind
		Mike Oldfield - Amorak
		Mike Oldfield - Incantations
		Patrick O'Hearn - Indigo
		Robert Rich - Gaudi
		Tangerine Dream - Tangram
		Vangelis - Albedo 0.39
		Vangelis - Bladerunner
		Vangelis - China
		Yanni - Keys to Imagination

	4 recommendations
		Enya - Shepherds Moon
		Enya - The Celts
		Enya - Watermark
		Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe
		Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn
		Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
		Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
		Vangelis - Direct
		Vangelis - Themes
	5 recommendations
		Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II
	6 recommendations
		David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream

	8 recommendations
		Jean-Mlchel Jarre - Oxygene
"Top Ten" Recommended Artists
	3 recommendations
		Chris Spheeris
		Dead Can Dance
		Harold Budd
		Ray Lynch
		William Ackerman

	4 recommendations
		Christopher Franke
		George Winston

	5 recommendations
		Loreena McKinnet
		Robert Rich
		Suzanne Ciani

	6 recommendations
		Steve Roach

	7 recommendations
		David Arkenstone
		Mannheim Steamroller

	8 recommendations
		Brian Eno (Including collaborations with Daniel Lanois,
		Harold Budd and Robert Fripp)
		Patrick O'Hearn
	9 recommendations

	10 recommendations
		Andreas Vollenweider
		David Lanz
		Klaus Schulze

	12 recommendations

	23 recommendations
		Jean-Michel Jarre
		Mike Oldfield

	34 recommendations
		Tangerlne Dream
Recommended Samplers
	The Narada Nutcracker (Narada)
	A Brlef History of  Ambience (Virgin)
	Private Music Sampler #1 (Private)
	The First Ten Years (Windham Hill)
	Miramar Collection #1 (Miramar)
	Surreality (Surreal to Real)
	Soul of the Machine (Windham Hill)
	New Age Music (Innovative Communicatlons)
	Syntonic Waves (Electronic Sampler)

	Also label samplers by
		Hearts Of Space
		Solitudes Series


And to bring us a little more up to date here is the pick of 1996 collected and collated by Bill Binkleman.

"It only took me 3 months (!) but I finally compiled the results of the emails I got voting for the best releases of 1996. Unfortunately, there were only about 20 or so ballots cast, so only _three_ titles got more than one vote. But, FWIW, here are the results."

3 Votes Each
	Vangelis   	OCEANIC
2 Votes Each
	Patrick O'Hearn	METAPHOR
1 Vote (this is a loooooooooong list! and is alphabetical by the artist)
	Night Song		(Ali Khan and Brook)
	Return of the Guardian	(David Arkenstone)
	Metaphysic Mambo		(Richard Bone)
	Beauty in the Beat		(Barbara Borden)
	Torches on the Lake 		(Brewer and McCandless)
	Luxa 			(Harold Budd)
	Pianissimo 2 		(Suzanne Ciani)
	For Whom The Bell 		(Code: Indigo)
	Slow to Burn 		(Vanessa Dauo)
	Herbanism 		(Electro Organic Sound System)
	Remotion 			(Global Communication)
	Devi 			(Chloe Goodchild)
	A Gift of the Sea 		(Wayne Gratz)
	Afro-Desia 		(Steven Halpern)
	Earth Heart  		(Vicki Hansen)
	Freefloater 		(Higher Intelligence Agency)
	Stages 			(Bob Holroyd)
	Zanzi 			(Steve Joliffe)
	Aerial Vistas 		(Kevin Kendle)
	Black Marble and Sweet Fire 	(Khan and Taschner)
	Surfin' Pachabel 		(Liv and Let Liv)
	Paradiso 			(Robert Michaels)
	Naid 			(Naid)
	Grying Freeman soundtrack 	(Patrick O'Hearn)
	The River of Appearance 	(Vidna Obmana)
	Insides 			(Orbital)
	Pangea 			(Pangea)
	Litany 			(Arvo Part)
	Temura 			(Javier Paxarino)	
	City Life Proverb 		(Steve Reich)
	Soul to the Pleasure 		(Ring)
	Spirits in the Woods 		(Frederic Rousseau)
	Are You Sequenced 		(Klaus Schulze)
	Vikings of the Sunrise 	(Stephen Scott)
	Secret Garden 		(Secret Garden)
	Visual 			(Sevag and Patey)
	Crash soundtrack 		(Howard Shore)
	Kin			(Sounds from the Ground)
	Songs of the Spirit 		(Robin Spielberg)
	Goblin's Club 		(Tangerine Dream)
	A Tribute to El Greco 		(Vangelis)
	Earth 			(Vangelis)
	Cafe Del Mar 		(Various Artists)
	Frosty 			(Various Artists)
	Three AD 			(Various Artists)
Which just goes to prove how diverse r.m.n readers are in their listening pleasures!


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