Are there any seasonal (Christmas) new age albums available?


An absolute plethora is the simplest answer and here are some of the annually posted suggestions...

	Christmas Eve
		by David Lanz

	An Airus Christmus and Airus Seasons 
		by Kurt Bestor

	The Xmas Albums 
		by Wind Machine

	Star of Wonder 
		by Peter Buffett

	A Romantic Christmas and A Family Christmas 
		by John Tesh

The following are all available on the Windham Hill label:

	Carols of Christmas 
		by Various Artists

	A Winter's Solstice I-V 
		by Various Artists

	Celtic Christmas I & II 
		by Various Artists

	The Bach Variations 
		by Various Artists

	The NutCracker 
		by Modern Mandolin Quartet

	Hymns and Carols and Songs about Snow 
		by Tuck Andress

While these are available on the Narada Label:

	The Narada Christmas Collection Volume 1, 2 and 3 
		by Various Artists

	The Narada Nutcracker 
		by Various Artists

Thanks to all who posted their suggestions especially Tom Mehren (tmehren@earthlink.net) and self confessed christmas music junkie, Judy Markworth (jworth@execpc.com).


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