"Is there any new age sheet music available?"


There is but it's quite often hard to find. If you can't order it from your local music store then try contacting the record company direct. If you're a guitarist looking for songs in tablature format try asking in alt.guitar.tab or rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature. Or better still try the guitar tablature archive at


Unfortunately the best, OLGA (the On-Line Guitar Archive), has been closed for the forseeable future due to legal arguments between itself and Warner Brothers and The Harry Fox Agency.

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A good supply of new age music midi files can be found at the Complete MIDI File Directory

Also the world rhythms section of the Ancient Future site has a large online instruction section on African, Balinese and Indian rhythms complete with MIDI files at

An unusual idea in that you can contact them to send you high quality print outs of music scores. You do need to register for their bespoke viewer. I don't know what there range of new age scores are like but this is one to keep an eye on:

And recently recommended by Piano Resource is DJ's Sheet Music Archive:
Of all the Free Sheet Music collections we've seen, DJ's is one of the Finest. DJ specializes in taking original sound recording and transcribing them into a "solo piano" manuscript. Existing transcriptions include works by Clannad, Enya, the Doors, Pat Matheny, Queen, Vangelis and more. There are a few classical choices as well. Formats include a standard *.gif file as well as *.pdf. DJ also offers to locate sheet music for those interested.

If you have a PC with WINDOWS 95, you can preview and purchase digital and print sheet music online at


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