Odds and Sods

or the bits I couldn't think of putting anywhere else!

Doing the occasional 'lucky dip' searches on the internet I've discovered a number of interesting sites which don't quite fit the layout of the FAQ, so I came up with this odds and sods page to accomodate them. Well hasn't everyone got a draw full of things they couldn't think of putting anywhere else?

If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at!

And for all those who like statistics...

Music Law Home Page
For anyone who is interested in music, law, or the relationship between the two! Lots of interesting links for songwriters, musicians or just good old-fashioned music lovers everywhere.


Nice ambient-type music and wonderful, peacefuly scenes with flowing water. This website is designed to be experiential more than informational. A great way to switch off and relax for a little while.

(Note: You require a java capable browser and the Real Audio plug-in)


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