The Rec.Music.Newage FAQ - (Version 13)

Collected and Collated by Neil Leacy (September 1st, 1998)


"At last," a voice in the wilderness cried, "a rec.music.newage faq file!" "Not quite," came the author's voice, "but it's probably as near as dammit..."

After spending a lot of time embroiled in r.m.n. I've come to the following conclusions:

  1. You soon drop your new age music pre-conceptions when you see the variety of artists talked about in r.m.n.
  2. In fact, there are so many artists and styles sheltering under the new age music umbrella that a true faq file would be almost impossible to write.
  3. Most of the information readers of r.m.n. want is on line some where...
  4. ... but where?

The original FAQ was a collection of ftp sites, mailing lists, e-zines, gophers and web sites relating to new age, electronic and contemporary instrumental music, the majority of which have been posted to the rec.music.newage newsgroup at some time or other. It has now grown far bigger than I ever thought it would and so, to make things a little easier, I've converted it to this web version.

To keep it simple, where necessary, there are reference lists at the top of each page. Clicking on one of the smaller seperator lines between each entry will always take you back to the list. Click around, you'll soon see what I mean!

Also, you will notice that I've included a some record companies, mail order companies, etc, that do not have a web site. This is simply because I feel that the music discussed in r.m.n. should have all the exposure it can get!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or complaints or would like me to include a link to your site.



  1. "What's new?"
  2. "What is new age music?"
  3. "Are there any new age music programs on the radio?"
  4. "Are there any magazines or books on new age music?"
  5. "Is there any new age sheet music available?"
  6. "How do I find other fans of the music I like?"
  7. " Where are the the best music places to go?"
  8. "I've downloaded a sample but it's in a format I can't play. How can I convert it?"
  9. "Do many new age musicians read this newsgroup?"
  10. "I like the music of a particular country or the sound of a certain instrument. Where can I find more info on them?
  11. "I like the sound of an album mentioned in r.m.n. but my local shop's never heard of it. Where do I go next?"
  12. "What is the most recommended album in the r.m.n. newsgroup?"
  13. "Can I post sound samples or images to the newsgroup?"
  14. "O.K. I still haven't find what I'm looking for, so where else can I look?"
  15. More specific FAQ's...

Album Reviews

Odds and Sods... (or the bits I couldn't think of putting anywhere else!)

Further Reading

Plans, Thanks and Disclaimer


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